In Development

Tricky Talent

Narrative Feature
Produced by PRAHER Film
Directed by Kat Rohrer

Sophie (9) is a playful, dreamy girl who gets diagnosed with dyslexia learning disability
that is manageable with a lot of hard work. A story about being different, the power of will,
perseverance and the strength of love between mother and daughter.

In Plain Sight

Narrative Feature
Produced and directed by Kat Rohrer

A young Jewish woman’s journey into her family’s past in Vienna, to discover the hero’s she grew up with but never really knew.

Anna, a young Jewish Austrian journalist, just moved to New York to get her masters at Columbia University. Faced with constant questions by Americans how her family could still live in a former Nazi country, Anna starts exploring the family history she has known all her life: her grandfather’s youth in Nazi Vienna, while he was hiding in plain sight, thanks to a Christian doctor, whose lack of fear allowed the young man to move around Vienna freely, but often led to heart stopping encounters.

Anna also explores her grandmother’s deportation to the concentration camp, where her mother’s wits and ingenuity saved her from certain death. By exploring her family fate, Anna finds answers to what it means to live in the present and honor the past. A probing tale of heroism, identity and belonging, marked by a surprising freshness as a new generation comes to terms with history’s darkest era.

Based on Anna Goldenberg’s personal family memoir “I belong to Vienna” (New Vessel Press, 2020)

Our Children

Feature Length Documentray
Directed by Margit Atzler
Looking for Co-Producers

Our Children explores existing models of early childcare in three different countries and provokes new ideas to solve the problem of juggling family and career in a healthy way – as well as looking at ways of reaching gender equality.