If Music Be The Food Of Love

A documentary series exploring the creative interplay between food and music

Where there is great music, there is great food. Where there is great food, there is great music. Both engage the senses and inspire the soul. If Music Be The Food of Love is the first documentary series to explore the creative relationship between the two and discover their commonalities.

The core of this documentary series takes us on a journey through the lives of some of today's best known classical and pop musicians. Through on-camera interviews as well as following them on and off the concert stage, we see how food functions to inspire, energize and, ultimately, enhance their role as artistic communicators. Each episode will show one of these musicians and performing artists not only in clips from rehearsals and performances but also in more intimate settings such as in the kitchen cooking and sharing food with their families and friends. Through the process, we see how experiences of gathering together around food fuels the ability of a performing artist to share an artistic vision with a larger audience on the world stage.

The joy of making music and making food are great cultural equalizers. If Music Be the Food of Love explores how similar and essential in human experience they truly are.