Walking in Their Footsteps

“Walking in their Footsteps” is an interactive theater piece dealing with human trafficking. It is designed so that the audience will engage with the actors directly while walking through 5 stations (“tables”), each of which represents one part of a trafficking victim’s journey.

Each actor is given a distinctive part to play and will have to repeat that part with several smaller groups of audience members, adjusting appropriately to the new set of circumstances presented by each new group of people. Each audience member is also given a character card and asked to “play” this role throughout the performance. Each character card will cue the actors how to act and interact with these audience members.

The project aims to be as close to reality as possible without crossing the line of discomfort. This theater piece approximates as much as possible the experience of being trafficked to foster understanding, empathy and compassion for the suffering and exploitation of human trafficking victims.

See some footage of the latest performances in Jacksonville, Florida here.

© Kay Chernush