Fatal Promises - A Close Look at Human Trafficking

Through personal stories of victims and interviews with politicians, NGO representatives, and activists, Fatal Promises provides a comprehensive look at the realities of human trafficking versus the rhetoric of politicians and pundits who claim to be making significant strides in combating this horrific crime against humanity.

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Interviews include: Gloria Steinem; actress and activist Emma Thompson; US Ambassador Mark Logan; Ken Franzblau- former director of Equality Now and current head of New York State Office on Human Trafficking; Kevin Bales- director of Free The Slaves and author of numerous books on slavery, Professor John R. Miller, former head of the Office of Human Trafficking in the State Department; Antonio Costas- Director of the UN Office of Drugs and Crime; Vladimir Palko- Slovakian Minister of the Interior; Ukrainian Minister of Youth and Family; members of the New York State and other foreign governments, and others.

Type: Feature Length Documentary
Status: Completed
Length: 80 min.

Producer Europe Anneliese Rohrer
Cinematography US Minos Papas
Cinematography EU Tom Marschall
Editor Kat Rohrer
Prod. Manager Christine Sohn
Music Joseph J. Fogarazzo
Motion Graphics Jakob Schindegger