Through Our Children's Eyes

"Through Our Children's Eyes" was conceived as part of the P2 for a cause Filmmakers Grant initiated by Panasonic and Abel Cine Tech.
This PSA deals with the effects of Cooley's Anemia, a genetic disorder, on children and their families.
The goal was to create a 6 minute piece that would compel audiences and at the same time inform about the disorder.
The project was shot on a Panasonic HPX-500 kindly provided by Abel Cine Tech.

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To learn more about P2 for a cause, please visit:­main/­news/­8578.html

Also, to find out more about Cooley's Anemia, please visit:­

Type: PSA
Status: Completed
Length: 6 min.

Amy Celento
James Stamateris
Jane Myers
Haley Myers

Cinematography Boaz Freund
Editor Melissa Mason
Gaffer Zeynep Catal
Prod. Manager Christine Sohn
AC Racheal Kliman