Austrian National Tourist Office

GreenKat Productions has been shooting for the Austrian National Tourist office in New York for years. The videos range from simple promotional shorts to interviews.

An especially heart-warming job came from the in 2012, when GreenKat Productions was asked to make the promotional videos of the annual Creative Call. The company set up a two-week-long Austrian Pop-Up Store, which was in a way a Little Austria. But aside from nibbling on Sacher Torte and Apple Strudel and sipping on Viennese coffee, the GreenKat team was working hard to put together videos that gave the event its deserved uniqueness.

Katís Austrian background gave the team a huge advantage, especially when it came to interviewing the Pop-Up Store visitors like the Austrian Consul General or other hometown celebrities. Due to the many different kinds of events that happened within the two weeks, the GreenKat team was able to explore and have fun with the project. They handed over a total of 20 videos in the end, including a time-lapse of the set-up days, performance recordings, interviews, and more.