Roland Foods

We invite you to take a peak into your pantry and count how many Roland products you have lining the shelves. “Specialty food imports has been our passion for 75 years. Roland Foods'™ consistent quality has earned us a leadership position in the industry - and a welcome place in restaurants, home kitchens and on market shelves.”

GreenKat Productions has been creating industrials and training videos for Roland Foods since 2011. What started off as a one-off task has become a project that encompasses the entire Roland Foods product line. GreenKat Productions and the marketing team at Roland Foods work side-by-side, week for week, and product after product, to create the best selling tools they can. The team has practically become a family, which is what Kat and her crew like best – people coming together and working towards a common goal.

We welcome you to watch and be mesmerized by the videos on Roland Foods’ YouTube Channel.­playlist?list=PLA333561DB10F1399